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Click to Call Software and Web Site Conversions

It has always struck me as very odd that when site owners spend a ton of money on design, advertising, search engine optimization, social pages and pay per click, all to drive potential customers to a web site, and then they neglect a very important part of the process, that being how to get the visitor to contact you!

I see many beautiful web sites with great designs. They would make a wonderful brochure, but there is no thought on the science after putting all that effort put into the web site, actually converting visitors to customers.

Here are a few simple tips.  Keep your home page simple. Give visitors what they came for. Pricing ideas, why they should trust you, a testimonial or two, associations you belong to.  Get all of that (and its not much) in the fold on the home page.

Now, make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Adding Click to Call services from


Click to Call Web Services

It’s Free to sign up and they charge a small fee for calls made through the system.  Yes, they are a client, so we do have additional motivation to talk about them besides the fact the service is great!  We blogged on other sites long before they became a client. Go through their video on the site for a great explanation.  It’s a lot more than just Click to Call, their caller IQ service is amazing.

You should also consider Live chat. There are a bunch of good ones you can get at a small monthly fee. Just Google “live Chat”.

And for goodness sakes, have a special offer to get them to contact you. According to a very well know author on economics, economics can be summed up in one statement, People respond to incentives.

Look at an example. Say I want you to click to call me at Teledini.  If I made this offer…  A free laptop computer,  a $399.00  value if you get a free quote today.

You would speak to a HUGE amount of prospective clients, and , you would go broke pretty fast.

Now try this. Click to call me and I will give you a free conversion assessment on the percentage of web visitors that will ask to speak to you using this service!

You will see a slight increase in people contacting you.  ( Because for the most part that’s a boring common offer)

So the thing is… find the balance.  Make an offer that IS NOT BORING AND COMMON, and that you can live with the results. If you are selling Click to Call software for web sites you need to think, what else are these visitors interested in?  As you would assume most are web masters, because they are looking for web conversion software,  you may want to offer free ________  < fill in the blank.    Make a list of what web masters need.

  • Web hosting?
  • Advertising for there site on your site
  • 10 ways to convert 50% more visitors into customers in 10 minutes download.
  • Star bucks Gift certificate
  • Head set with mic for the computer ( Cool ones of course)

So it becomes, Click to call me now, and we will give you our 10 ways to convert 50% more visitors into customers in 10 minutes. This is ONLY available privately through us, and is the result of 10 million dollars in research.

(Hey Steve, do you like that?)

Any way, you’re just being dumb if you don’t add Click to call to your site. Contact and found out what 20 million dollars in development can produce in a Click to call on-line service.










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A Denver Basement Referral Service Does Well

Started in 2003 as a co-op marketing service for basemen finishing companies in Denver, is one of the few home owner referral services to not only survive, but flourish.


Since 2003  has provided over 1000 appointments to basement finishing companies in the Denver area.  The reasons it seems to be successful are:


A small handful of highly qualified companies to refer

A personal relationship with each company

Tracking of reviews of all the basement companies they refer

An easy and intelligent way for home owners to find a basement finishing firm

A great resource for information for home owners.


Many of the calls and communications Denver has with home owners have more to do with answering questions about the process of finishing a basement, than setting appointments. How much will it cost, should I get a permit? How long will it take to build are all frequently asked questions.  Because of the 3rd party position the company holds, and the years of expereince with basement finishing, can be a home owners trusted adviser.

The idea, and its long term success is a good model for a small business opportunity. Helping companies promote their service, maintaining high quality standards, and helping a person find a quality service.

Do you have a unique expertise you can offer the community?





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Business Is Good For Remodlers In Denver ( and Physical Therapists)

Having worked with Denver remodeling companies for over a decade I can tell you that the remodeling business is finally rebounding in Denver.

It’s a reflection of many things. In 2008, when the credit sources dried up for remodeling, and home values began to decline, many remodeling companies took a huge hit in sales. As an example, one of our partner sites, average over 26 basement finishing appointments a month for contractors in 2007. By 2009/2010 that number had been reduced to 5.

We also track the number of permits issued in Denver weekly. Although the gross number of permits only fell 20% to 25% from the boom days, the average value of permit fell 40% to 50% as home owners started to use cash and savings, as no refinancing was available to most based on a decline in home values and a very tight credit market.

The remodeling industry has since  adjusted to the demand, now for smaller and less expensive projects, as well as many contractors moving into a cleaner business model. Watching every expense and providing great value.

This up swing seems to be reflected in many other industries as well. We recently met with a Denver Physical Therapy company, that is doing well. Although lots if the expense is covered by insurance, a portion of it isn’t, and at times more than you would think comes out of pocket. Many small businesses and individuals have gone to high deductible programs to save money, and that means paying a lot more out of pocket.

But Blue Sky Physical Therapy, a Denver Physical Therapy office has maintained there business by (like the remodeling companies) adjusting there business model and becoming better marketers.

The first rule of any business is provide great value and service. In both of these cases it appears that was and continues to be their foundation of business success.

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Bankruptcy Attorneys. Good Business For This Economy?

I was meeting a client for lunch last week with another business associate. The client had just finished a meeting next to the restaurant with one of her clients, a bankruptcy attorney. My associate noted that they must be very busy these days, and what a good business for this economy.

From the outside looking in, that statement might make a great deal of sense.  And this is the surface logic that many small business owners can use to get into a new business. Not that becoming a bankruptcy attorney is a great start up, but that lot’s of people look at a business from the out side in, rather than the inside out to determine if it’s a good idea to pursue.

The truth is bankruptcy attorneys have been busy, but because of the high volume of work, and lot’s of law firms getting involved in bankruptcy because their core business fell off, it’s highly competitive and extremely cost sensitive.  Those are not good traits of a new business opportunity.

Most law firms that are doing well, offer a portfolio of legal services. This allows them to service a much broader cliental in areas that are more relationship driven, and less transactional. A good example is our Internet Marketing client, a Grand Junction law firm, LaCroix and Hand P.C.  Instead of focusing on one area of law, they offer services from Business law to DUI representation, and bankruptcy.

For a different industry like a restaurant, this may mean offering new items to attract new customers, adding a breakfast menu to a restaurant that traditional serves just lunch and dinner can bring in new revenue and customers. And that customer can then come back for lunch and dinner as well. Its very relationship driven and multi transactional.  And that’s one of the keys to a solid business idea.

Look at some of the greatest business success stories over the last 15 years. E Bay, Facebook, Google, Sport’s Authority. They are all relationship driven and multi transactional.

So when you are dreaming of your new business, and dreaming is were it all starts, do spend some time asking and researching to determine if it will be relationship driven (returning customers)  and multi revenue stream

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Winning Business awards

A long time client and friend, Matt Shoup has just published a book, “Become an award winning company”. It was number 1 on Amazon for marketing and P.R. books for good reason.

Matt takes you through his 7 steps to winning awards, which he has become an expert at. Most businesses want to win awards, but few have the know how.  Matt also takes you through his journey as a young entrepreneur, starting his painting company on a show string, and growing it to over 2 million dollars in revenues in a few years.

A large part of his success is his ability to generate valuable P.R. for his company, M and E Painting through his process of applying for and winning awards.  In his book, available here

Winning awards does so many great things for your business. It can increase your conversion on sales, it can increase your number of leads, it will help you recruit better employees, and it will even help your web site ranking.

Do yourself and a friend a favor, buy this book and implement the 7 steps.

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Start up companies in Colorado

Social Media

Start up companies in Colorado.

Several new start up ideas taking form in Colorado you may want to keep an eye on.

Meta Social Web, is a new concept for business owners who need to promote both their social media and their web sites. The concept is to form a community of local business owners who can support each others Internet presence through viewing the businesses Social media pages. They can then choose to “like”  their facebook page, follow them on twitter, add them on linked in, and even give them a review on a search engine, all from one page.

In addition to that, once they have viewed another members sites they can email them and let them now they did,  and ask that they do the same for their business. There are no requirements to like, follow, or what ever. It only gives business owners the opportunity to be more visable, and pick up real followers in their area.

An interesting feature is that as a member you will be able to add a special offer, which other members can tweet, or share on Twitter or Face book.  I can imagine the value of 10 to 50 companies or company owners doing that for a business.  This feature is part of there upcoming 1.1 relaease due out next week.

There are lots of on line services that will add followers and likes and such. The challenge is most of them add low to no value followers.  This services promises to deliver the local businesses and business owners who are actually interested in your services.  You can see more at meta Social Web

I was invited in as a partner, and have accepted, as I like the concept so much.

Do you have a start up in Colorado you would like us to look at?  Just email me, or leave a comment.

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Networking Groups in Colorado

The question is,  is it worth the time to join a “networking” group to promote your business?

There are many different type groups to join in Colorado. has 100’s just in in the Denver area.  Then you have the Pay to join groups like BNI  and the Chambers that often have their own internal “leads” groups.

We would like to hear your experiences in these groups. Which groups really work, and how to make the most out of joining a networking group in Colorado.

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Bussiness in Colorado Blog

Great Seal of the State of Colorado

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The business in Colorado blog will be covering issues and events that direct effect Colorado businesses.

We might cover tax issues, government issues, marketing programs, hire and H.R.  Just about anything goes as long as it relates to owning, or managing a business.

Recently we were interested in a Colorado government hearing to determine if they State of Colorado should regulate, or license Roofing companions. Seems like a no brainier to me. Every year we hear the reports of home owners being victimized by out of state roofing companies after a big storm.

One individual asked to testify in favor of the measure was Jerry Hughes of Stellar Roofing and Solar in Denver.  Stellar is a BBB member and about as certified as a roofing company can get.  If credible local business owners are asking for some registration for their industry, shouldn’t we be listening?

When you read the Better Business Bureau web site, and listen to the news, you just have to wonder why this has not been done years ago. It’s like gas prices, people scream and politicians react when the prices get high, but once they go down, we all forget about it.

Registration for Roofing companies just makes sense.

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Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
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  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can alway preview any post or edit you before you share it to the world.

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