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Click to Call Software and Web Site Conversions

It has always struck me as very odd that when site owners spend a ton of money on design, advertising, search engine optimization, social pages and pay per click, all to drive potential customers to a web site, and then they neglect a very important part of the process, that being how to get the visitor to contact you!

I see many beautiful web sites with great designs. They would make a wonderful brochure, but there is no thought on the science after putting all that effort put into the web site, actually converting visitors to customers.

Here are a few simple tips.  Keep your home page simple. Give visitors what they came for. Pricing ideas, why they should trust you, a testimonial or two, associations you belong to.  Get all of that (and its not much) in the fold on the home page.

Now, make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Adding Click to Call services from


Click to Call Web Services

It’s Free to sign up and they charge a small fee for calls made through the system.  Yes, they are a client, so we do have additional motivation to talk about them besides the fact the service is great!  We blogged on other sites long before they became a client. Go through their video on the site for a great explanation.  It’s a lot more than just Click to Call, their caller IQ service is amazing.

You should also consider Live chat. There are a bunch of good ones you can get at a small monthly fee. Just Google “live Chat”.

And for goodness sakes, have a special offer to get them to contact you. According to a very well know author on economics, economics can be summed up in one statement, People respond to incentives.

Look at an example. Say I want you to click to call me at Teledini.  If I made this offer…  A free laptop computer,  a $399.00  value if you get a free quote today.

You would speak to a HUGE amount of prospective clients, and , you would go broke pretty fast.

Now try this. Click to call me and I will give you a free conversion assessment on the percentage of web visitors that will ask to speak to you using this service!

You will see a slight increase in people contacting you.  ( Because for the most part that’s a boring common offer)

So the thing is… find the balance.  Make an offer that IS NOT BORING AND COMMON, and that you can live with the results. If you are selling Click to Call software for web sites you need to think, what else are these visitors interested in?  As you would assume most are web masters, because they are looking for web conversion software,  you may want to offer free ________  < fill in the blank.    Make a list of what web masters need.

  • Web hosting?
  • Advertising for there site on your site
  • 10 ways to convert 50% more visitors into customers in 10 minutes download.
  • Star bucks Gift certificate
  • Head set with mic for the computer ( Cool ones of course)

So it becomes, Click to call me now, and we will give you our 10 ways to convert 50% more visitors into customers in 10 minutes. This is ONLY available privately through us, and is the result of 10 million dollars in research.

(Hey Steve, do you like that?)

Any way, you’re just being dumb if you don’t add Click to call to your site. Contact and found out what 20 million dollars in development can produce in a Click to call on-line service.










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Insights and Suggestions for the Small and Medium Busineess community

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