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Business Is Good For Remodlers In Denver ( and Physical Therapists)

Having worked with Denver remodeling companies for over a decade I can tell you that the remodeling business is finally rebounding in Denver.

It’s a reflection of many things. In 2008, when the credit sources dried up for remodeling, and home values began to decline, many remodeling companies took a huge hit in sales. As an example, one of our partner sites, average over 26 basement finishing appointments a month for contractors in 2007. By 2009/2010 that number had been reduced to 5.

We also track the number of permits issued in Denver weekly. Although the gross number of permits only fell 20% to 25% from the boom days, the average value of permit fell 40% to 50% as home owners started to use cash and savings, as no refinancing was available to most based on a decline in home values and a very tight credit market.

The remodeling industry has since  adjusted to the demand, now for smaller and less expensive projects, as well as many contractors moving into a cleaner business model. Watching every expense and providing great value.

This up swing seems to be reflected in many other industries as well. We recently met with a Denver Physical Therapy company, that is doing well. Although lots if the expense is covered by insurance, a portion of it isn’t, and at times more than you would think comes out of pocket. Many small businesses and individuals have gone to high deductible programs to save money, and that means paying a lot more out of pocket.

But Blue Sky Physical Therapy, a Denver Physical Therapy office has maintained there business by (like the remodeling companies) adjusting there business model and becoming better marketers.

The first rule of any business is provide great value and service. In both of these cases it appears that was and continues to be their foundation of business success.


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  1. Glad to see basement finishing and remodeling picking up. Some of that has to do with the real estate community? Less expensive to build than move up?

    Comment by Mark Denver basements | October 30, 2012 | Reply

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Insights and Suggestions for the Small and Medium Busineess community

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